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KRUSH PERFORMANCE RADIO SHOW, your weekly source for Performance and Development information. 

Too many times have athletes said, "if only I'd known about this years ago... how GOOD could I be?" The fact is, they can know and so can YOU!! 

This isn't just about athlete performance, this is about HUMAN Performance. The vast amounts of information and misinformation spread across the performance landscape are more than overwhelming for today's athletes, coaches, parents and people in general. It has gotten to the point where people, even at the highest level, are doing the wrong things, taking the wrong paths and ultimately paying the price, sadly missing irreplaceable windows of developmental opportunity to reach their potential. 

As the naturally gifted excel to world-class levels of performance, it has been said that anyone who practices over time can become competent, even expert, in any chosen endeavor. Now you have a trusted source of performance and development information that will address the latest trends and research, helping you reach your potential. 

Krush Performance will also dive into the deep issues like the obesity epidemic, concussions, head injuries and so much more. From the weekend warrior to national and professional athletes to people who just want to live a healthier lives – Krush Performance will dive into the world of performance for you. Each week we work to bring our listeners the very latest and up to date performance and development information in an entertaining and thought provoking format. 

Listen and interact with Jeff Krushell, Moo and The Con Man every Wednesday from 7 – 8 pm on TSN 1260!! For more information go to

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Golf in Mexico with Nielson and Fraser

Friends and Guests

Dr. Ann de Wees Allen: World leader in sport performance nutrition research
Roy Halladay: 2003 American League Cy Young winner and starting pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays David Wells: MLB Pitcher
Jamie Sale and David Pelletier: Olympic gold medal winners
Jen Hail: Gold Medal , World’s top female mogul skier
Mike Clarke: Strength and Conditioning Coach, Seattle Seahawks
George Laraque: Pittsburg Penguins
Harvey Dorfman: renown mental training coach
Rich Hesketh: Strength and Conditioning Coach, Calgary Flames
Jim Fannin: renown mental training coach
Richard Pound: Chairman of the World Anti-Doping Agency
Dr. Jay Hoffman: Vice President of the NSCA
Nick Bollitierri: Tennis Legend
Lance Gill: Master Golf Instructor: Titelist Performance Institute
George Poulis: Head Athletic Trainer, Toronto Blue Jays
Carlos Delgado: MLB First baseman
Others who support the Krush Sport Performance Initiatives:
Support comes in many forms all of which are truly appreciated. Some are as simple as a phone call "Krusher, how are things going?"
JP Ricciardi: General Manager,Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Club
John Gibbons: Former Team Manager,Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Club
Chris Woodward: MLB Shortstop
Ernie Whitt: Former Coach for the Toronto Blue Jays Organization,
Alex Stieda: The First North American to wear the Tour De France Yellow Jersey
Buck Martinez: Sports Broadcaster
Bob Davidchuk: CPGA golf professional
Dr. Gordon Bell: Professor of Exercise Physiology at the University of Alberta
Dr. Bob Steadward: Past president of the International Paralympics Committee
Angela Calder: Recovery and Regeneration Specialist; Australian Institute of Sport
Karen Muncey: Founder of Dynamic Sport Vision Training
Our list of guests and friends goes on and on and will keep growing as we continue to investigate the latest trends and research coming out of the sport performance world.