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The Lowdown with Lowetide

The Lowdown with Lowetide

The Lowdown with Lowetide

Weekdays 10:00 - 12:00

About the Show

Allan Mitchell - Lowetide online - is joining the TSN 1260’s weekday lineup.  Allan's blog Lowetide came to prominence during the 2006 Stanley Cup, by posting a "lucky" photo of former Oiler, Stan Weir, which some superstitiously credited with propelling the team's amazing Stanley Cup run.

After years as an influential Oilers blogger, in 2011, Lowetide began hosting a two-hour Saturday time slot on TSN 1260. The show is so successful it's moving to weekdays 10:00 am to noon.  Lowedown with Lowetide will focus on a wide range of sports topics including the Oilers, the playoffs, the NHL draft, Free Agency and finding the magic again to drive the Oilers to another Stanley Cup victory.

We'll go deep into stats with the best bloggers around, we'll not ONLY talk Oilers and hockey, but dig into baseball, football and all the sports that are important to you.

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When Craig MacTavish was hired as Oilers GM, he talked about advanced stats and analytics. Both David Perron and Marco Roy were what we might call ‘analytics acquisitions’ for Edmonton. A year later, Perron’s addition is universally regarded as MacT’s signature move. Craig MacTavish, summer 2013 on Perron trade: “It’ll be a good test for […]
When the Edmonton Oilers signed  Benoit Pouliot, buried under the lead (“Role player gets insane contract”) was a pretty effective third-line winger from Manhattan. A franchise that is more wasteful than the Kardashians may have actually gotten value for one of their July 1 trial balloons. Who knew? BENOIT POULIOT 13-14 5×5 points per 60: […]
Martin Gernat (photo by Rob Ferguson, all rights reserved) and his Oklahoma City Barons teammates are very close to the promised land of the NHL. Massive annual salaries, no heavy lifting off the ice, airplanes, hotels, room service, fancy eating tables, cement ponds. It is so very close. Currently, the 2014-15 Barons have four men […]


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